Bridges:  Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy 

Why We Are the Nationwide Provider of Choice 

By experiencing and fundamentally understanding the hurdles those in the disability community face each day, Bridges will always keep our focus on the families and individuals we support. Our service delivery model reflects our passion, understanding and experience. 

Bridges serves thousands of people in six states.  We are committed to the rights, dignity and freedom of all people and we work closely with them to ensure their individual success.  Each person has goals, hopes and dreams of their own and Bridges’ Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy is the foundation for their daily endeavors.

Whether we are serving my brother Nick or your loved one, Bridges’ Mission holds firm and true: we will “Provide the services necessary to allow individuals with disabilities, with the support of their families and friends, to live, learn and work where they choose within the community”.   

My mother, Peggy Burlison, founded Bridges in 2000 as an agency fighting and advocating on behalf of Nick’s unique needs.  Her vision for superb and unparalleled services to people with disabilities carried Bridges success forward across Southern Indiana as other mothers and families sought better outcomes for their own children.  Mom and Nick continue to inspire me and I now have the distinct honor being the CEO of Bridges.  Without my Mom’s Vision for what Bridges could do for all people, we would not have been able to expand Bridges to what it has become today; the Nationwide Provider of Choice.

Whether we’re serving an adult with an intellectual and developmental disability in Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana; or a child with autism at Bridges Autism Therapies in Evansville, Indiana we will lead this charge. As the Nationwide Provider of Choice, Bridges has shared a clear Vision for what it means to be a quality provider of services to people with disabilities.  “All people with disabilities have the right to choose where and with whom they live and work. We have a strong commitment to the rights, dignity and freedom that people with disabilities share with everyone. We believe people with disabilities, with the support of their families, can have the expectation of a full life as participating members of their community”.

As you consider the greatest needs of the people you love and support, we are confident you will remember our Philosophy.  Very simply, our agency’s premier goal is to “focus all our efforts on supporting people with disabilities achieve whatever they want to achieve”.

Bridges values progress and advancements in technology and we utilize this to better the way in which we provide services to you, the people we support.  Our talented staff recognize the importance of working hard to gain your trust and build the reputation of a quality provider of services to you.  We vow to always provide the individualized supports required to individuals and families across all of our entities. We are honored and privileged to be a reliable and invaluable resource for those we serve and we’d be honored to serve you or your family.

Jonathan Burlison, CEO Bridges

For more information about Bridges’ services and supports, please see us at or Also, you can contact  for immediate answers to your questions.




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This week's story of #BridgesCares is brought to you by Bridges of Wyoming! Cliff has made such huge strides in his health. Since coming to Bridges he has lost a whopping 56 pounds! Cliff and his staff Aaron and Terri work very hard on helping Cliff to learn proper nutrition and portion control. Cliff's team including his Case Manager and Guardian are so very proud of him for all of his hard work and making such a great lifestyle change. We even received a call from his Doctor that has seen Cliff for the last five years and stated that he has never seen Cliff in such a healthy state. He was very impressed with how well the staff have helped Cliff, and with how much Cliff has made this positive change. Cliff very excited to continue with his health journey. Great job Cliff! we are very proud of you!A friendly reminder this holiday season! 📷: @thesundaychapterThis week's #BridgesCares story is brought to you by Bridges Autism Therapies. Last week, we had Farmer Joe and his big blue tractor visit our center in Evansville! Why you may wonder? Because one of our littles went on the potty 100% independently! Famer Joe let us climb up inside the tractor, turn the wheels, and rev the engine. Thank you, Farmer Joe! #BridgesCares #BridgesAutismTherapies #EvansvilleDo you follow us on #Twitter? If not, you should!The results of our art competition are in. The winner is our Employee Engagement Manager, Kirstan Kemezy. The organization she chose to donate $100 to is Paws and Think. They are an Indianapolis based organization with a mission to improve people's lives through the power of the human-dog connection. If you are looking for an organization to volunteer with this holiday season, we highly recommend you check out to see the available opportunities. We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the competition on Facebook. Didn’t see the Facebook post? Be sure to like our FB page today! #BridgesCares #BridgesUS #EmployeeEngagementCongrats Kalin on a huge accomplishment! Post credit: @sbnationHappy Thanksgiving from Bridges US and Bridges Autism Therapies! What are you most looking forward to today? #Thanksgiving2018 #Thanksgiving #BridgesUS #BridgesAutismTherapiesThis week's story for our #BridgesCares was submitted by Bridges of Wyoming!

Erin came to Bridges a little over three months ago. When Erin came into services, she had been bedridden and had not walked for over a year! In this short time, she has worked with her staff Kayla, Maygan, and Calla along with the rest of the team she has begun walking again.

Erin is now able to walk around her home, to and from the vehicle, and she has a wonderful goal to be able to go up and down the stairs at her daughter's house for Thanksgiving! We know with all of her hard work and perseverance she is sure to succeed! 
Erin has also started a wonderful garden at her home and enjoys all of her fresh food and the time she can now spend outdoors! #BridgesCares #BridgesofWyoming #ThanksgivingBe sure to thank someone today and every day. Thank you to our team who is working today in homes and in the community! We appreciate you. #BridgesCares #Thanksgiving
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